“Nice pack! Very comfortable and I can easily fit my 5 days of gear into it with room to spare.”
– John T.

Product Link: Treqa Waterproof Backpack 40 Litre

“I’m wearing your coat!! It’s -33!!! Coldest place on the planet today! I’m warm as toast!”
– Paul Tichauer

“I want to thank you for ensuring my satisfaction. So nice to deal with a company that places customer satisfaction first. I know I will be a future customer. WELL DONE.”

“Holy crap man, I’m in Montreal today it’s about 2 degrees and this coat [The Sonam] is like a furnace. I can feel the heat radiating into my back.”
– J. Whitehead.

Product Link: Treka Men’s Sonam 150 GSM Jacket

“Such great quality! I only wear TREQA jackets and I always get so many great compliments. Definitely lives up to the wind proof quality too. Also a perk about TREQA is that everything is animal product free, definitely makes wearing these jackets something to be proud of. I highly recommend!”
– Diana Lisseth

“I wanted to thank you for my new coat. To say it is warm is an understatement. There is nothing warmer in this price range anywhere, and i own them all over the years. I purposely go out on very cold days to keep pinching myself for buying your product, and laugh to myself how its possible to be warm here in Toronto sometimes. I have a snowmobile and special suits and this is still warmer than my $1200 high end outfit. Thank you for letting me enjoy the cold…this is a great coat, warm, and well made.”
– Ian Tweyman

Product Link: Treka Men’s Third Pole Parka 550 GSM- Black and Grey

“This jacket is fantastic – the warmest jacket I own by far. With the removable layer, it is very easy to adjust to the outside temperatures when the sun comes out. The underarm vents come in handy for extra ventilation. I find most jackets are not fully windproof, however this jacket cuts through the wind. GREAT PRODUCT.”
– A. White

Product Link: The Avalanche Men’s 3 in 1 Winter Jacket

“My rain jacket keeps me so warm and dry! I recently hiked through the Grand Canyon in the rain, sleet and snow and was perfectly comfortable thanks to this jacket. All the other members of my group were super envious as I was the only one who was able to stay dry! Their various name brand jackets leaked or became saturated with rain/snow super quickly and they were left cold and wet, while i was perfectly dry and happy! Couldn’t recommend enough.”
– Laura

Product Link: Women’s Dingboche Rain Jacket – Orange / Black

“Hope to send you photos from Peru and Patagonia. Pleasure talking with you (2019 Outdoor Adventure Show). Look forward to looking into your rain jackets. Thank you.”
– Jim and Lesley Carmichael

“Wasn’t aware of Treqa before until today. Meeting Yvan (2019 Outdoor Adventure Show) and having him go over products/features was a real treat! After checking out the website, the mission, blog, etc. BRAVO!!”

“When I got this coat it was still warm weather. Now that we have experienced -20 c weather, I can tell you that this is the best coat I have every worn. It keeps you warm without added bulk. I would recommend highly.”
-Rivka C

Product Link: The Everest Women’s Reversible Insulated Long Jacket Parka 400 GSM – Army Green / Black

“I am absolutely in love with my jacket from Treqa. First off can we talk about the colour, it is even more beautiful in person, such a vibrant royal blue colour. I love that the coat is super warm, yet thin and light weight. It also comes with its own little bag in the pocket that you can stuff the coat into. (Making it nice and compact) The hood is removable which is nice. I am about 5’6 and 120lbs, I choose the size medium based on my measurements being in between the size range chart. It fit absolutely perfect and it has a good length in the arms and torso area. It has plenty of zippered pockets and an extremely large pocket inside the coat to keep things closer to your person. This by far the warmest coat I’ve probably ever owned.”
– Sara Malcovich

Product Link: The Pumori Women’s Insulated Jacket 200 GSM- Royal Blue

“Very flattering and attractive jacket! And it is somehow SO warm while also being incredibly light and compact. Amazing!”
– Laura Whichelo

Product Link: The Pumori Women’s Insulated Jacket 200 GSM- Royal Blue

“My Treqa rain jacket is amazing! It kept me perfectly dry in heavy, heavy rain throughout my entire trip to the rainforest! It’s very light weight so I never felt too hot or sticky in it, even though I was in 30+ degree weather. It’s a great activewear jacket, it even kept me dry while zip lining in the pouring rain. The fit is great as well. Would definitely recommend!”
– Laura Whichelo

Product Link: Women’s Dingboche Rain Jacket – Yellow / Black

“I would give this jacket a 10 star rating if I could. I am always cold and no matter what coat I bought it just wasn’t warm enough for me. So…I saw this and thought I would try it. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT !! And it is so warm and toasty. The only part of me that gets cold now is my face. 🙂 Love that it is also reversible and that it packs up into a little pouch for travelling. Definitely recommend this coat.”
– Joan (The Everest Women’s Reversible Insulated Long Jacket Parka 400 GSM – Forest Green / Black)

“I love this jacket for everyday, it’s super warm, but yet light weight. It’s perfect when running errands/shopping. It’s very comfortable when driving. Definitely, my go to jacket!Oh and ladies, super cute on. Very slimming.”
– Noelle

Product Link: The Pumori Women’s Insulated Jacket 200 GSM- Black

“I absolutely LOVE the parka jacket. The parka is amazing in this crazy super cold weather in Toronto, it’s so WARM!!!. It’s reversible too. Now, thats just awesome!!”
– Noelle

Product Link: The Everest Women’s Reversible Insulated Long Jacket Parka 400 GSM – Forest Green / Black

“Awesome jacket can’t find no where with is quality in this price! Highly Recommend. Light weight and warm! The 3 in 1 jacket is amazing”
– Andrew Chan

“I LOVE the quality of the Pumori jacket! it is both lightweight and super warm. I would absolutely recommend the Treka brand!”
– Corynn Mountain

“I’m impressed with the quality of the product, how great the color is.. It is light and not bulky at all, which is good for traveling.. 🙂 This morning, I decided to try my coat on when I send my daughter to school and decided to have a walk around our neighborhood.. It was – 10 (+ windchill) this morning, and learning that the jacket I chose is a shell jacket and is good for spring/ fall.. I was amazed at how it kept me warm the whole 30 minutes of my morning walk.. I’d be honest, I didn’t expect that it would be warm and comfy at the same time.. 🙂 with that being said, I really would recommend this company from now on to my friends and family.. :)”

Kudos to #treka team!!!

– Kulet Ana

“Extremely lightweight and INCREDIBLY WARM! By far my favourite jacket!”
– Ally Jessie

“Great Jackets, and love buying Canadian ”
– Laura Rebecca

“I just wore by Pumori winter jacket for the first time and I love it. It is a cold and windy day in Prince Edward Island and it kept me nice and warm. And it is so lightweight, you barely know you have it on. Thanks Treka.”
– Patricia MacMurdo

Folks, those are AMAZING coats! The hooded one fits perfectly, great build and warm. The other will be a perfect gift for my 17 year old stepson. I thanked you on my show this morning, but I’ve donated in kind to the Global News Toy Drive to keep the karma going. Thank you so much!
– Mike Stafford, 640 Toronto

“This jacket is amazing! I take it on all of my trips around the world and absolutely love the maple leaf on the back. It’s kept me warm and dry on a number of occasions! The pockets are also very deep which is a bonus.”
-Krista Plociennik