The Difference Is The Heat Retention

TREQA uses only tight-weave sheet insulation in our jackets. Why? Because sheet insulation provides you with coverage that’s both consistent and lightweight, by preventing heat-loss at stitched seams, and staying put – it won’t shift or clump like down or other insulations. Our insulation is cut in full sheets and sewn into our garments – so there are never any pockets without insulation, even after washing; everything stays put.


Heat Loss Comparison:

We took a competitors jacket under thermal view (left) and tested it against our own jacket (right). The bright areas are depicting heat-loss at the stitching, so those are areas with no insulation! With blown insulation into each stitched pocket, it’s easy to see how heat-loss can occur.

The bright coloured areas (hot spots) in the photos show where heat is being lost through the jacket. A higher temperature means you are losing heat and warmth.

Compared to the Treqa jacket, where we use only sheet insulation, no bright areas means no cold spots so you’ve got thorough coverage and no gaps for heat-loss to occur.


TREQA’s CCS inner layers come in a variety of insulation ratings that can be purchased individually to suit your needs Allowing you to customize your comfort and create the perfect jacket. The CCS Inner layers currently include:

Please keep in mind that this is merely a guide — it’s an average and a starting point to consider. Comfort level will vary between individuals, depend- ing on the activity the individual intends to engage in, and can also vary depending on the options available in your jacket.

**GSM is the weight of insulation, measured in grams per square metre.

At TREQA, we’ve got options! So when picking your jacket, it’s important to consider your activity level as much as your day-to-day personal comfort and body temperature. If you’re normally warm all the time, you may prefer a jacket with breathability to allow heat out – or perhaps our under-arm vent zips feature will be the perfect solution.

From polar fleece inner-layers, and wind-resistant fabrics, to front zippers with storm-aps that ensures the rain stays out. Our lightweight fabrics and packability make any TREQA jacket compact enough to carry on any adventure.Check the hangtags to find the options that are a fit for you.

Climate Compatible System™ – The Interchangeable Jacket system

The weather may be unpredictable, but you are always prepared with the Climate Compatible System TM from TREQA. Introducing our versatile 7-in-3 outer jackets, able to adapt to every weather condition, every activity and every individual.

At TREQA we are dedicated to the relentless pursuit of quality, durability and functionality and we believe that you should not have to sacrifice any of those traits just to have an affordable jacket. Designed and tested on our own adventures, we have created jackets that we are proud to have our friends and family wear – and now we’re bringing them to you.

The TREQA Climate Compatible System TM (CCS) is a complete 7-in-3 system, combining a 100% waterproof, breathable outer shell with a variety of inner ‘liner’ layer options, in order to create a perfectly customized outerwear solution for absolutely every individual, in every season.

The Climate Compatible System TM allows you to create your own ‘perfect pairing’ to help you stay warm and dry in almost any weather condition. The outer shell alone will keep you dry on those rainy springtime walks, while pairing the shell with a 100gsm layer is perfect for cool fall hikes. The outer shell and each inner layer can be worn individually or combined for added protection from the elements.