At TREQA™, We’re More Than Outdoor Apparel

Our mission is straightforward: to deliver top-notch outdoor apparel that isn’t just functional, but authentically designed for real outdoor experiences. We believe in creating gear that enhances your outdoor pursuits, ensuring you can fully embrace the beauty of the outdoors.

Why Nepal? Because it holds a special place in our hearts. We adore the country, its breathtaking landscapes, and, most importantly, its warm and resilient people. Making our jackets and pants in Nepal is not just about production; it’s about contributing to the community, helping improve lives, and fostering a connection beyond borders.

When we say “Real,” we mean more than just functionality-it’s about crafting apparel and gear that genuinely performs in the elements. Our motto, “Follow No One,” extends beyond a mere company slogan. It’s a philosophy ingrained in our daily operations and a guiding principle that shapes who we are.

To us, “Follow No One” is an invitation to carve your own path, transtorm lite into an adventure, and defy limitations imposed by others. It’s a commitment to individuality and the beliet that your journey is uniquely yours.

Join us in embracing the spirit of TREQA™ – where outdoor apparel becomes a companion to your adventures, and “Follow No One” becomes a way of life.

You can learn more about TREQA™ by reading our story here.

If you connect with what we are doing then we hope you’ll become part of the TREQA™ family.


TREQA™ Founders
Patrick Grillo and Yvan Nolet