TREQA Supports Small Family Owned and Operated Manufacturers in Nepal

We started TREQA because we saw a need for affordable outdoor apparel for men, women, and kids that would allow people to enjoy the outdoors without breaking the bank. We wanted to create a line of jackets and pants that would stay warm and dry in all kinds of weather.

There was never a question in our minds about where TREQA clothing would be made.

Since day one we were committed to helping small, family owned and operated manufacturers in Nepal.

We fell in love with the Nepali people on our expedition to climb Mount Pumori in 2008. They live hard, humble lives in this really challenging place, and yet we have never experienced the kind of hospitality that they showed us. They are the most amazing people we have ever met.

During that trip we also met small, local manufacturers in Nepal that were producing high quality outdoor apparel. We picked up a couple of jackets that were so good that we ended up wearing them for the entire expedition.

So when it was time to get serious about TREQA we flew back toKathmandu to meet with several manufacturers to discuss our plans.

It was apparent from talking with the shop owners that the future prosperity of Nepal would depend on being able to access the North American market and that TREQA was a perfect fit.

We worked closely with a handful of the manufacturers to design and customize several styles of jackets and pants that would fit the needs of the North American market.

We absolutely freaking love the outdoors and we love the people of Nepal. We saw an opportunity to work with them to create a line of outdoor apparel made in Nepal, and to bring it to North America. We really hope people will appreciate what we are doing here and join us in our mission to help these manufacturers flourish.

41 thoughts on “TREQA Supports Small Family Owned and Operated Manufacturers in Nepal

  1. Nicole says:

    WOW! Amazing and wonderful thing you are doing for the Napali people. Love how you have went physically to check out the manufacturers and able to see the factories and type of conditions that they work in. Beauitiful outerwear!

  2. Andrew Goyan says:

    Can’t agree more with the importance of supporting ‘the small guy’ in a struggling part of the world.
    Glad to see this as opposed to coming from facrories in China.

  3. Amanda Guindon says:

    Happy to support a company that not only cares about quality within their product, but also helps out those who need it most! Kudos to you!

  4. Sabrina Flett says:

    This is great helping and supporting small family owned manufactures in Nepal. I know my hubby has travelled the world and it can be tough in some countries so for your company to step up and make difference to some of the nicest people in the world. Kudos to you. I can’t wait.

  5. Laura G says:

    So nice to learn about ethical manufacturing, when so many companies choose to exploit the vulnerable in the world.

  6. Crystal Grenier says:

    I love that this partnership with Nepal’s manufacturers is ethical and helps the economy there. A lot of companies are not ethical with their business.

  7. Brenda Penton says:

    I love that you had a vision to make affordable clothing. I just spent way more than I should have last winter for my son to ski.

  8. Kristen says:

    I love to support a small family business, therefore I love that as a business Treka has this same mentality

  9. Karla Sceviour says:

    I love that you are committed to helping small, family owned and operated manufacturers in Nepal!

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