Our Name Has Changed – Not Our Passion for Making High Performance Outdoor Apparel

Maybe you noticed. Maybe you didn’t.

After all, it’s just a small change.

Just one letter in fact – a Q instead of K, but our name has officially changed from TREKA to TREQA.

In case you are wondering, we still pronounce it the same way 🙂

So, why the change?

The reason has nothing to do with our product or our passion.

We are still committed to making top quality, high performance outdoor apparel that is reasonably priced so people can enjoy the outdoors.

The reason for the change was a legal issue that came up during the process of trademarking our original name.

During that process, our trademark was opposed by Trek Bicycle Corporation, a bicycle and cycling product manufacturer and distributor that operates under the brand name TREK.

TREK also produces bicycle apparel, and they felt that our names might be too similar, potentially creating confusion with customers.

We agreed.

So, working closely with TREK, we were able to reach a compromise where we would keep the name TREKA, but change the spelling to TREQA, using a Q instead of a K.



A big shout out to TREK and their management team for their co-operation. For such a large company they were very gracious and pleasant to deal with.

The process took several months, but we’ve wrapped up the legal work and are now in the process of completing changes to our domain name, logo, website, marketing material, and products to reflect our new name: TREQA Outdoor Apparel.

We still have product in stock that is branded with the TREKA name, and as part of our agreement with TREK Bikes we are able to continue to sell it until it is gone.

We don’t want to say our TREKA branded products are going to become collectors items, but they are the last products that will ever carry the TREKA name.

Just check the product images when you are ordering and you will clearly see which version of our name you are getting (if that matters to you).

Moving forward, all new product will be carry the TREQA name and brand.

New arrivals, including our Climate Compatible Jacket System, are expected to arrive in late summer / early fall of 2019.

Check our coming soon page for a sneak peek!


Patrick Grillo and Yvan Nolet